Serenity House LA Serenity in the heart of Hollywood

Welcome to Serenity House

The best place to stay while taking services in LA. We provide a convenient and affordable place to stay while taking your next step up the bridge.

Serenity: 1. The state or quality of being serene; dignity; tranquility; quiet.2. Clearness, brightness. American Heritage
Amenity:1. Pleasantness, agreeableness.2. Anything that increases physical or material comfort. American Heritage

Serenity House is not a crowded rooming house or a sterile hotel room, because we have more services and comfort than any hotel or rooming house. We are unique and one-of-a -kind operation in Hollywood servicing the Pac Base. Each bedroom is different in Serenity House and has something special. All are clean and beautiful. Most of our rooms have great views of Hollywood, but some have incredible views of the sunset or the hills and the Hollywood sign, and some have private baths, balconies and walk-in closets. We are unique – you will see when you arrive; anything else is like comparing apples and oranges. As attested by a huge stack of success stories, for almost 16 years, we offer an exchange in abundance and a safe space in Hollywood.

  • We have 5 apartments in an upstat 34 unit building. Our special apartments are shared apartments with other ethical on purpose parishioners. 14 Private Rooms total.
  • Four of our apartments each have three private bedrooms and two baths, fully equipped kitchen and a dining area.
  • Our Common Room, Apartment 403, has bedrooms down the hall. And in the common area, there are tastefully decorated living room furnishings, TV with VCR, videos and lots of novels, games and chess. A beautiful roll top desk has a computer with high-speed internet, copier and printer for your use. It also has an LRH library with Red Volumes, Green Volumes, Congresses, the Basics with Lectures and audio books. Dictionaries and demo kit.
  • We take Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express
  • Two blocks from the Complex
  • Quiet. A theta and distraction-free environment, living with other Parishioners, who are on purpose and going up the Bridge.
  • All private rooms have desks for business or Solo Auditing.
  • Elegant furnishings, queen size beds in the private rooms and all have cozy comforters, quality linens, fashionable décor. Four plump pillows on each bed.
  • Fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher and microwave. Dining area with stylish place settings, dishes and flatware and everything you need to feel at home making a meal.
  • We do not provide maid service. However, cleaning supplies are provided.
  • Laundry facilities in the building. We have several irons and ironing boards.
  • Heaters, fans and hair dryers are available in the Common Room or just ask. Extra blankets or down comforters. Just ask. Blow up AeroBeds if you need. We have tried to think of everything.
  • In your personal kitchen we have complementary coffee and teas, including a coffee grinder and coffee beans if you prefer.
  • Purified water is brought in.
  • All Paper products.
  • Wireless hook up to high-speed Internet available – no charge.
  • The building has underground, secure parking – two spaces per apartment. First come first served.
  • Close to shopping and grocery stores. We have grocery carts for you to go shopping.
  • And very important in summer – air conditioning.
  • Attention to comfort, convenience and detail, with many extras and well-thought-out amenities.

Much Love,
Lee and Gary Jordan

And here is a shameless plug, as we are also novelists:
Lee and Gary Jordan are THE PHOENIX, Multi-Genre Authors


A WHISPER FROM EDEN, A Historical Fantasy In 1827, a young writer went in search of the strange Mandan tribe in North Dakota that Louis and Clark found in their journey. The young man finds their villages perched high upon lofty cliffs overlooking the turbulent waters of the Missouri River, like walled fortresses and ruling kings from medieval times. He is stunned to find that the rich and powerful Mandan could wield magic, magic taught to them by one of The People from Above. This is a unique take on real events, with magic, the supernatural, and . . . the promised return of the great god Lone Man.

LEON’S LAIR, A Paranormal Thriller. A cruise ship in the Indonesian waters is being attacked. However, Leon and his men are not regular pirates – they want something else besides the usual booty. Jane and two male companions escape the horror in a lifeboat, become lost at sea, and are almost out of fuel when they finally catch sight of land, a dangerous rain-forested island that seems deserted. However, their fight for survival has only just begun, because they are not really alone. Fate is cruel because this island is Leon’s Lair.LeonsLairRevisedFINAL