Serenity House LA Serenity in the heart of Hollywood


We have 20 Theta rooms to accomodate your wants and needs.

Well appointed rooms with a feeling of aesthetics is just the beginning of the experience of staying at Serenity House. Each tastefully decorated apartment has three bedrooms that share the kitchen and dining facilities.

The kitchen is fully equiped with all appliances, dishes, flat-ware, pots, pans and utensils. So whether you only need to pop some left-over into the microwave or you want to prepare a gourmet meal, everything you need is at hand. We are also aware of occasional water quality problems here in LA and so we provide purified water for drinking and cooking. This water is brought in weekly.

Our cosy common room has been called a “Theta camp for adults” as it is the place our guests often gather to watch a movie, read a book, play a game or just rave about their latest win. The TV has all the cable channels as well as a DVD/VCR player and an assortment of movie tapes to play.

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We have 2 room configurations, one is a bedroom with a private bath, another is two bedrooms share a bath. The shared configuration does not require that anyone go though another’s bedroom to get to the bath, so your bedroom is always private. Each bath is tastefully appointed. We supply towels and paper products.

No matter which beautiful room you chose you can be certain you will be comfortable and feel at home here at Serenity House. Each of our rooms was designed for solo work and is equipped with a desk, comfortable chair, lap-robe, fans or heater as you need. The rooms are also secure and have been approved by church officials. Some of our rooms have balconies that overlook the city. All of our rooms have views that help you get some space for your increasing beingness.

Spectacular sunset views greet you after a fulfilling day on service here at Serenity House. The space you feel from our third and fourth story rooms gives you a sense of how big you really are.

A stay at Serenity House is like no other. You will feel the care and Exchange in Abundance that pervades this space. Lee has completed IV, Gary is currently auditing on VII and know many of the stops that can get in the way of moving up. With these in mind we have created Serenity House to help you in any way we can and to provide a Theta environment which only leaves your case to confront.